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Joe English Twilight Challenge Course Tour in Google Earth

We have created a virtual tour of the Joe English Twilight Challenge course. If you would like to take the tour, you need to have Google Earth installed on your computer, laptop or tablet and download a special file we have prepared. Follow the instructions below to see what the Challenge is all about.

1. Download and save the Joe-EnglishTrailChallenge.kml file to your computer desktop or another folder that you can easily find.

2. If you do not have Google Earth installed on your computer, go to the GOOGLE EARTH DOWNLOAD PAGE to download and install the free program.

3. Start Google Earth.

4. Go to the Menu at the top of the screen and click on FILE, then OPEN and navigate to the folder where you saved Joe-EnglishTrailChallenge.kml and open the file. The Joe English Trail Challenge course will appear as a blue, solid path line. You can now use the scroll wheel on your mouse or otherwise zoom in on the features of the course.

5. You can display the elevation profile for the course by going to the menu and clicking on EDIT, SHOW ELEVATION PROFILE and the profile will display on the bottom of the screen. Slide the cursor along the profile and you can view the elevation for each segment of the course.

6. Google Earth will default to English Units of Measurement. Since this is a metric event, you can change to metric units by going to the menu and clicking on TOOLS, then OPTIONS and on the 3D VIEW tab, change the unit of measurement from System Default to Meters, Kilometers. As you move along the course the distance will then correspond to the pdf version of the course map.

7. When you close Google Earth you will see a message that you have unsaved items in your temporary folder. Click SAVE if you wish to view the course in the future. To return to the course tour, restart Google Earth and go to the menu and click on FILE, then OPEN and you can select the Joe-EnglishTrailChallenge.kml file to view the course. (If you have the Sidebar displayed, (VIEW, check the SIDEBAR box) you can open the course tour by double-clicking on the TRAIL selection.

We welcome your feedback on this feature.

George Bower
Event Director

More maps will be coming soon. Here's an overhead view of our parking areas. There is also a downladable PDF of this diagram here.

Map Showing Our Parking Areas